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Jun 13

i….think i abandoned you…..NUUUUUU I DIDN’T MEAN TO IT’S JUST THAT SCHOOL IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT AND I HAVE A LOT TO AND I NEED TO STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND GET TO THE POINT OF THIS BLOG SO WE CAN ALL GET ON WITH OUR LIVES AND YOU CAN SEE THAT I’VE ACTUALLY BEEN DOING SOMETHING!!! well just check my deviantart i have a lot of new stuff up since i started role-playing (more on that in another blog) anywho imma slow down a but until school ends but because then there will be time to kill i decided to give you homework XD well more like a favor but if you could help me it would mean a lot!!!

ok so here is the just, i want to make a book or series of books into a manga (i know ANOTHER PROJECT!?!?!?) i just want a) practice before i make ‘TDE’ as a manga and i also just wand to make one of these books a manga cuz well, i love them all XD anyway i will list all of them and they will each have a link to a summary that i found (some were hard to find!!!) please please check them out and tell me no more than 5 that you like the best or think would be the most intersting so i can narrow the selection from 19 to five then i have another round planned to leave only 1, and hopefully i can get a jump on it this summer. here is the list:

“To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

“Stargirl” (and “Love, Stargirl” the second book in the series) by Jerry Spinelli

The “Chasing Yesterday” trilogy by Robin Wasserman
The “Twilight” Saga by Stephenie Meyer

“Almost Fifteen” by Marilyn Sachs
“Pony Sleuths” by Elinore Havers
summary:   (you have to scroll down partway on the page to find this one)

The “Deltora Quest” series by Emily Rodda
summary: (keep clicking “more” to get a summary of all the books in the series, there are 8 books)

“The Secrets of Hidden Creek” by Wylly Folk St. John
“The Ghost of Windy Hill” by Clyde Robert Bulla
“Heartbeat” by Sharon Creech
“Double Spell” by Janet Lunn (one of my personal favourites)
“Hurricane Treasure” by Clare Bice
summary:  (sorry about the crappy summary i seriously couldn’t find anything on this!!)

“Viking Adventure” by Clyde Robert Bulla
“The Halloween Tree” by Ray Bradbury
“Ice King” by Ernestine N. Byrd
“The Flying Flea, Callie, and Me” by Carol Wallace and Bill Wallace
“Gamer Girl” by Mari Mancusi
summary:  (this is an opinionated letter but there is a summary for the book in it)

“The Giver” by Lois Lowry
“Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously” by Astrid Lindgren (translated from Swedesh by Herbert Antoine)

well that is all of them and their respective links, please select no more than 5 that appeal most to you and tell them to me in a comment i would really appreciate it!! sorry for some of the bad summaries, some of these books are very old so they were hard to find -_- so ya


the stakes currently stand:

twilight- 2

deltora quest- 1

chasing yesterday- 1

the top 5 will move to the next round :D

<3 <3


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